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Jäger implements the GUS-OS Suite

Milchwerk Jäger has opted for the GUS-OS Suite. With the integrated ERP solution from the GUS Group the private dairy wants to map its cheese production digitally it.
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Growth continues

GUS Group took over SOPRA EDV-Informationssysteme GmbH. With its fully integrated special solutions for the food and luxury food industry, the company addresses the milk processing industry in particular.
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We optimize your processes

In the GUS-OS Suite the GUS Group provides a holistic, integrated ERP system for the process industry and for logistics. Including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Quality Management, Finance und Controlling, Business Intelligence (BI) und Document Management.
Future starts right now. With our solutions it is possible to integrate external data and processes from customers and suppliers all over the world. In this way, we provide a smart entry into Digital Transformation.

GUS-OS Suite for Pharmaceuticals

Drug companies, wholesalers and importers alike need transparent and efficient processes and high levels of product and process quality. The GUS-OS Suite makes all of them possible. Our process-oriented solution kit establishes in an environment where validation is mandatory the functional framework conditions required for the safe planning, production, and placement of pharmaceuticals on the market.


  • Batch tracking
  • Product quality review (PQR)
  • Hygiene monitoring
  • Serialization
  • Audit trail

We Deliver Quality that Delights.

GUS-OS Suite im MedTech-Bereich

Placing medical devices on the market swiftly and securely. Reacting flexibly to market and legislative requirements. The GUS-OS Suite delivers on both counts. Our process-oriented solution kit makes flexible and secure process control possible. National and European requirements of the Medical Devices Act (MPG) are fulfilled. Validation of the business processes stored in the GUS-OS Suite can be undertaken as a matter of course.


  • Konform mit MPG, ISO13485 u.a.
  • Fokussiert auf die Risikoklassen IIb und III
  • Abbildung des Produktlebenszyklus
  • Lieferkettenqualifizierung
  • Validierungsfähige Software

We Know Our Customers.

GUS-OS Suite for Chemicals

Manufacturing and trading in chemical products for end consumers and doing it efficiently and flexibly with an eye on the costs and abiding by all the regulations. The GUS-OS Suite can do it. Thanks to our fully integrated workflow management production processes can be modeled simply and swiftly. Complex dynamic supply chains and sales-side processes can be controlled efficiently.


  • Formula administration
  • Customer-related production filling schedules
  • Package inventory management
  • Management of hazardous substances

We Pursue Objectives Jointly with Our Customers.

GUS-OS Suite for Cosmetics

Developing, manufacturing, and packaging cosmetics swiftly and flexibly at a high quality level while doing justice to the various sales channels: The GUS-OS Suite makes all of these possible. From active ingredient test to concurrent quality control, from formula to batch, from use-by date to best before date, all cosmetics industry eventualities are taken care of, including a flexible reponse to changes in market conditions.


  • Multi-stage formula administration
  • Integrated process control in the supply chain
  • Fast change of format
  • Easy batch tracking
  • End-to-end documentation

We Take the Initiative and Look for Solutions.

GUS-OS Suite for Food

Leading the company from the market. Meeting the demand for products fast. With efficient and flexible processes, cost-optimized. The GUS-OS Suite makes all of these possible. From multi-stage proof of batch origin and utilization via contract management and billing food retailers to integrated enterprise planning, the standard version already covers many specific food industry requirements.


  • Recipe administration
  • Recipe calculation
  • Food logistics
  • Batch reservation
  • Management of contracts with food retailers

We Communicate Clearly, Definitely, and Honestly.

GUS-OS Suite for Logistics

Consistent alignment of contract logistics to individual customer wishes. Flexibly and efficiently. With a pool of tried and tested logistics processes. The GUS-OS Suite makes it all possible. Different business models and logistics strategies can be implemented and pursued. All kinds of storage are fully mapped. In interaction with other ERP functions our process-oriented solution kit the GUS-OS Suite is more than a warehouse management system.


  • Stacker control system
  • Logistics control stations
  • Picking, loading, shipping
  • Management of hazardous substances
  • Logistics performance indicators
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