Enterprise resource planning with our ERP business software

Flexibility with Precision

ERP for the Logistics

Logistics service providers face a large number of requirements. For one, customer requirements must be met and product specifics taken into account. For another, all processes must be designed efficiently with optimal personnel and warehouse capacity utilization. Swiftly and smoothly too! Variable areas of operations and strategies in the logistic service industry can be realised with GUS-OS Suite. For instance requirements of structures and procedures are maintained a variety of funtionalities.

Full Range of Services for Logistics Service Providers

With the GUS-OS Suite different business models and thus logistics strategies can be implemented. Warehouses of all kinds (high-bay, open, block storage, separate refrigerated and quarantine warehouses, etc.) and process requirements are fully mapped:

  • direct control of material flow computers to run the entire materials handling technology, including storage and retrieval equipment, multi-order picking, winders, and label printers
  • automatic management of customer- and product-specific sub-processes
  • parallel and multi-stage commissioning with mobile data recording
  • cross-docking
  • forklift control systems
  • resource planning and activity recording for value-added services
  • package inventory management and hazardous substances management
  • supply management
  • customs clearance and returns management
  • online connections with parcel services and forwarders, shipment costing, Track & Trace
  • performance accounting
  • dock and yard management
  • stock and warehouse management
  • vehicle routing
  • automatical freight cost calculation
More than a Warehouse Management System

In interaction with the other service areas the GUS-OS Suite provides so much more than a warehouse management system. In our process-oriented solution kit [the following] are fully integrated, harmonized, and coordinated:

  • Enter­prise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Quality Management
  • Finance and Controlling
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Document Management incl. Archiving

So in addition to the classic logistics activities all other management requirements and challenges are dealt with – efficiently and effectively.


  • Stacker control system
  • Logistics control stations
  • Picking, loading, shipping
  • Management of hazardous substances
  • Logistics performance indicators

Cooperation from the Very Beginning

Continuously engage in dialogue, express expectations and goals, exchange knowledge and expertise, listen and think actively. Thanks to our comprehensive expertise in industry and process-related issues we are able to out forward real and concrete solutions for an effective and flexible workflow management during the implementation project.

Efficiency and flexibility are company properties to gain a competitive edge. Exploit existing potential. Become faster and better. At this we assist you after Go-Life with a variety of services.

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